Many of the Bulletin Board Systems of the early 1980's or BBS's as the were known were dedicated only to the sharing of cracked software.   They came in different flavors such as Ascii Express (AE's) or Cat Fur's as well as many others.   But it seems that every crack screen ever created had the prerequisite BBS for users to call for more software downloads.

Not many of these BBS's were very open due to the fact that the BBS contained cracked copies of software.   The Sysops of the BBS's were usually too scared that the feds were breathing down their necks and going to take down their systems.  Mostly, this was unfounded as at the time, not many enforcement agencies were even up on the knowledge it took to deal with the mostly juvenile law breakers.

While the numbers for the BBS's have been listed here, we dont recommend calling them as 99.9% of them are probably long gone.

BBS List By Software Title


221B Backer Street

    The Trade Center             (201) 256-4202

    Smash Palace West         (818) 340-2276

A Cute Game

    Adventurer's Tavern       (714) 538-3103


    The Proving Grounds    (415) 526-0889

Agent: USA

    Thieves Den                    (512) 441-9429

    The Possession                 (301) 356-5095

Air Heart

    The Mirror                     (403) 251-01FX


    The Underground        (714) 929-0935

Arcade Boot Camp

    The South Pole                 (312) 677-7140

Arctic Fox

    Red Sector A                    (313) 591-1024

    SPCC Elite                       (213) You-Fool

    Capital Commotion       (916) 448-3402

    Pandaemonium             (414) 352-3435

Avalon Hill

    Police Academy  AE          (216) 845-3179

Bruce Lee  

    The Arabian Dezert         (212) 543-3923

    The Devil's Posession      (301) 356-5895

California Games

    The Trade Center            (201) 256-4202

    Red Sector A                    (313) 591-1024

Fahrenheit 451

    The Safehouse                  (612) 724-7066

    Pirate Bay                         (415) 775-2384

The American Challenge
    Heart of Gold                   (201) 830-5130
    Eastern Alliance              (201) 327-7303
   Motherboard Elite           (516) 333-7165

The Print Shop

    Pirate Bay                         (415) 775-2384

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