Aren't hackers such great human beings? So giving and sharing! Hackers love to have their names sprayed all over the opening screens of a game. Not only that, but their friends persuade them to put theirs on as well.

Apple Rebel

Agent Stealth

Apple Bandit

Apple Pie

Apple Sherlock


Bit Biter

Camel Jockey

Captain Hook

Dark Prophet

Data Dragon

Der Fuhrer

Disk Destroyer

Ghost Rider

High Voltage

Hot Rod



Man in Black

Mega Byte


Mr. Nobody

Mr. Python

Mr. Wave

Mysterious Pedal

Night Owl


Sector Seventeen


Sir Mangar

Snack Attack

Systems Overlord

The Ace

The Beaker

The Bit

The Boy

The Burglar

The Chief Surgeon

The Doc

The Exploiter

The Freeze

The Fox

The Godfather

The Hitman

The Intern

The Intruder

The Ironhand

The Klepto

The Nibbler

The Micron

The Miner

The Mystic

The Ninja

The Penguin

The Reflex

The Scan-Tron

The Scanner

The Talisman 

The Time Lord

The Triton

The Warden

The Whip

Two Knives Tan

Video Vince

Wave Wizard

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